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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Adfly Review 2016 - An Honest Adfly Review

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Adfly Guide, A blog devoted to Adfly for the users who don't know about it or want to learn more about it. In this post I will discuss all about Adfly as it is the Adfly Review 2015 post so it should be honest and helpful to the users who are in a dilemma whether to join Adfly or not. This Adfly Review will be totally honest review and I hope it helps you out.

Okay, in this Adfly Review I will discuss everything about it like the Shrinking Service, Pop Ads, Up Time of Adf.ly site, Payout Rates, etc. This particular post will cover all you need to know about Adfly.

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How I came to know about Adfly?

When I was a new to the Internet I didn't knew a single thing and had no idea that one can make money online. After some time I learned about many methods to make money and will learn about new methods in the future because its the era of Internet and I think in the future all the people will be earning from the Internet by sitting at their Home doing their jobs online.

I came to know about Adfly when I wanted to download a file from a site. I ha to click the download link and then had to wait for some time and click Skip Ad button to get my file.

I searched on the Internet about it and came to know about it. When I read that it can help people to make money just by shrinking URLs, I thought that its just the thing I wanted. But soon I found out that it doesn't work as the way I thought.

Although Adfly is the best website in its niche (topic) but the payout rates are too low (I will discuss about it later). So, I used a blog to drive traffic to my Adfly links and it was a good start. As my blog had a decent traffic so I was able to make about $50 in the first month. It was a good start according to me. So, I thought to make a blog on Adfly and post all I know about Adfly on it.

Okay this was my short story but from below you will learn about Adfly. I will answer some questions like What is Adfly, How Adfly Works, How much can you Earn from Adfly, and the main thing which is the Adfly Review itself.
Okay so lets start it.

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What is Adfly?

So, lets discuss the question that must be coming in your mind (if you're a newbie) which is What is Adfly?
Adfly is a URL Shortening service using which you can shorten your Long URLs into short ones. Also when user clicks your link, they are redirected to an Ad page instead of the Original Link and they have to view the Ad for 5 Seconds. After that they can use the Skip Ad button to get to the original link.

When user clicks your Link, you will earn some cents. The amount of money you earn from every click depends upon the location of the one who clicks the link.

Okay this was all you needed to know about Adfly for now. Below I will discuss How Adfly Works and What is the Advantage of Adfly.

How Adfly Works?

Adfly is a company which provides a URL Shortening Service using which you can convert your long URLs into short ones. It makes the link look good. Below is an example.

Short URL: https://adf.ly/1Kn4Os (Click this Link to see its working)

This is what Adfly does. It simply converts a Long URL into a Short one. But there is a twist in it.

They convert your Long URL into Short one but when a user click the Short Link, he is first taken to a page where Adfly shows an Advertisement and the user has to wait for 5 Seconds and then he can click the Skip Ad button in the top-right corner and then he will be redirected to the Long URL (the URL that you Shortened).

This is what Adfly does to your links and this Advertisement is the only thing that empowers Adfly.
This is How Adfly works.

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What is the Advantage of Adfly?

Now after reading How Adfly Works, you must be thinking What is the Advantage of Adfly?
The answer to this question is very simple. Let me explain it to you in an easy way.
  • A company wants to Advertise or Promote its Products. They go to Adfly and buy Advertisements from Adfly by paying them some bucks, say, $5 for 10,000 views.
  •  Adfly takes a small part from those $5 and adds the Product of the Company (Advertiser) to the Advertisement Page which comes between the Original and Shortened Links.
  • Now we, the Publishers,  Shorten our Links and whenever someone clicks on those links, they are shown the Advertisement of the Company (Advertiser). Now for every click we earn some money.
Now, as you can see that when a user clicks our Shortened Link, he is shown an Ad. So basically we earn some money. Adfly earned money in the first place. Company paid only $5 to Adfly and got 10,000 views on their Product.

So, this is how it works. This the advantage of Adfly. In this game we, the Publishers, the Advertisers, and Adfly all get benefited.

Okay now you know How Adfly Earns Money and How you Earn Money.

Now coming back to the topic which was Adfly Review. Now I will discuss many different aspects of Adfly and try to make everything clear.

Pros and Cons of Adfly

Adfly is a good website. It means it has some Pros but it is not possible that a site has pros but not the Cons. Adfly has some Problems and issues with them.
I will discuss them below.

Pros of Adfly

  • Easy to Use, Good Interface.
  • Easy Sign Up Process.
  • Minimum Payout is only $5.
  • Different Tools are also available.
  • Also has a Referral Program to Earn More.

Cons of Adfly

  • It is banned in some Countries.
  • Low Payout Rates for some Countries.
  • Annoying for the user who clicks the Shortened link.
  • Sometimes the site gets down so user will not be redirected to original link.
  • Visitors must have Java Script and Flash enabled.
The major problem with Adfly is that it is banned in some countries. But to overcome this problem they have added some extra domains. I will discuss it later.

These were some of the Pros and Cons of Adfly.
Okay now lets discuss about the Tools available and Payout Rates in this Adfly Review.

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Available Tools on Adfly

There are some very useful and powerful tools available on Adfly which can come in handy while shrinking URLs and making money. I suggest you to read this part because many users don't even go to the Tools Page because they don't know anything about it but trust me, they are missing some very useful Tools.

Okay now I will discuss all the tools but not in detail. You can Join Adfly Now and experiment with the Tools available on Adfly to know more about them.

Mass Shrinker

Using this tool you can Shrink upto 20 URLs at a time. This tool is helpful when you don't have much time and want to Shrink lot of URLs. If you abuse this tool then Adfly can ban your account. So, use it with care.

Multiple Links

Using this tool you can convert all the Links present on a particular page into Adfly links. All you have to do is copy the HTML of the page and paste it in the Text Field present on the Tools page. It will automatically convert the links and will give you a new HTML code of that page with modified links.

Easy Link

Using the Easy Link tool of Adfly, you can make money without even shrinking the URLs. All you have to do is add the Long URL after the link provided by Adfly in your Account.
To understand t more clearly, I suggest you to Join Adfly and then use this tool one or two times.


This tool is really very Interesting. All you have to do is Drag and Drop the "Shorten with Adf.ly!" link on to your Bookmark bar. Now if you want to shrink any URL, you don't have to copy the link, go to Adfly and then Shrink it. All you have to do is go to that Long URL and then click the bookmark that you just created. The Short Link will be generated for you automatically. Isn't it great?

Web Analytics

If you use Google Analytics then this tool is totally for you. Using this tool you can get all the Reports in your Google Analytics page. All you have to do is paste your Tracking ID in the Text Field provided and wait for some time. This is the best tool if you want to track and analyze your links.

Full Page Script

Do you have a very big website with 100s and 1000s of links in it and want to convert all the links into Adfly links? If yes, then this tool will help you out. Just copy the script given by Adfly in your Account and paste it in your HTNL of every page and your work will be done automatically.

Website Entry Script

The use of this tool can be understood by its name only. If you want to earn when a user simply enters your website then just copy the script given by Adfly and paste it in the Head section of your HTML in every page. So when user enters your website, he will be shown an Ad and then he has to click Skip Ad button and your website will show up.

Pop Ads

This is the most powerful and useful tool if your website has a lot of useful content. Using this script, when a user enters you website, he will be shown a Pop Ad and then he will see your Website. In this way, you earn money from people who just visit your site.

These were the tools that are available on Adfly and which are very useful for a person who wants to increase his earning by working smart and not working hard.

Types of Ads on Adfly

Adfly provides three types of Ads that Publisher can choose accordingly. Below I will discuss all of them.


Interstitial Advertisements ($$$$$) - These are the regular "Skip Ad" Ads that a user has to view for 5 seconds before going to original link.

Framed Banner ($$$) - These are different types of Ads. When user clicks the Shortened Link, he is shown a Banner Ad and =because of this banner you earn money.

Which one is Better?
The answer to this question can be seen by seeing the names of the Ad types. The first one has 5 Dollar signs and the second one has only three. So Interstitial Ads pay you more. This is why I use only Interstitial Ads.

Types of Links on Adfly

In this topic there are 2 Subtopics. I will discuss them below.


Adfly provides three Domains. You can use any one of them according to your choice. Below is the Example.

adf.ly Domainhttps://adf.ly/1Ku6t4
j.gs Domain - http://j.gs/69w8
q.gs Domain - http://q.gs/8YZXY

These are three types of Domains.

Note - If you are using adf.ly Domain, then you have to add https in front of your shrinked URL instead of only http.
Example - The link should be https://adf.ly/1Ku6t4 not http://adf.ly/1Ku6t4
This happens because the second link (from the Example) is blocked in some countries. This is why we have to add a 's' in front of it and this is the reason why they have 3 different domains.

Types of Views on Adfly

There are two types of view provided by Adfly. They are Raw and Unique.
Lets discuss them.


Average amount paid for 1000 visitors in the 24-hour period.


Average amount paid on the first Advert view for 1000 link views in the 24-hour period.

Difference between Raw and Unique Views
When a visitor click two Adfly links of yours then it will count as 1 Unique click and 2 Raw clicks.
The only difference between them is that Unique View pays more than Raw view.

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Payout Rates

The payout rates of Adfly are quite low. You can check them by clicking this link. [Click Here]
Don't worry, you can use Adfly Tips and Adfly Tricks to Earn More Money from Adfly.

Payment Methods

Adfly currently has 3 Payment Methods which include PayPal, Payoneer and Payza.
If you don't have any of these accounts then you will not be able to get your payments. If this happens then you can search on google about How to create accounts on one of these. I prefer PayPal and it totally depends on you which one you want to choose.

The minimum cashout limit is only $5 which can be earned in a very short period of time (if you're NOT a newbie).

How much you can Earn from Adfly?

This is the most important question that you must be thinking that How much can i Earn from Adfly?
The answer to this question totally depends on you. It depends on how you spread you links, How you use them, etc, You can increase your Earnings by Reading this Post about increasing earnings.

If you are using Adfly to shorten download links on you Blog or Website then you can earn a good amount. Also the Earnings depend on the location of the user who clicks you links and watches the Ads. If the user is from U.S. then you can earn upto $8.41 for 1000 clicks on your Link. If the user is from some other country then the Earnings will decrease.

I have seen people making more than $50 per Day and people making few cents per Day. It totally depends on you.

Is there any Referral Program?

Yes, Adfly also has a Referral Program using which you can Earn 20% of the Total Earnings of your Referrals. All you have to do is share your Referral URL with people and when they Join and Earn from Adfly, you will also Earn without doing anything.

You can Join Adfly using my Referral Link which is - https://adf.ly/?id=7159714
This will help me a lot because I used a lot of time in writing this Adfly Review for you so it can recover my earnings. :)

Adfly: Scam or Legit?

This is a topic that does not need any reference. As I am writing this long Adfly Review so it must be Legit because it weren't, then I would not be able to earn anything from this post and it would be a waste. But I am taking a lot of time from my Schedule and writing this post because Adfly is Legit. There is no Scam in Adfly. You can check the Payment Proof given below or you can search for it on Google.


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Whether to Join Adfly or Not?

Okay, this is the most important and toughest question of all. Whether to Join Adfly or Not? 
Even I can't answer this question. It totally depends on you. If you think you can have some time, can do some Hard Work and have some Patience then you should surely go for Adfly and Join it right away. But if you think you lack any of these then you will not be able to succeed with Adfly.

If you Join Adfgly and leave it because you were not making any money from it then it will be waste for you to join because it requires some Hard Work and Patience. Without these two things, it will not work out.

But I recommend you to Join it and give it a try. Maybe you can earn a lot from Adfly. More than you expected. The world is full of Oppotunities.

How to Join Adfly?

It is very easy to Join Adfly as I said it in the Pros of Adfly. Just click the link given below and then fill out the Form by entering all your details and be sure that all the details that you're providing are 100% correct. Also you will receive an E-mail on your E-mail Address, that you will provide, to confrim your account.

Okay that was the whole Adfly Review 2015 and if you still have any doubts then you can comment below. Also if you have any Adfly Tips or Adfly Tricks then feel free to Share it with me and other readers. Do comment your Earnings below to motivate others,
Hope you Earn a lot from Adfly.

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