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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Adfly Bot 2016 - No Survey!

Hello Everyone!
You have been searching for Adfly Bot 2016? Well, don't worry now. You are at a right place.
Now you don't have to go to different-different sites to find a working Adfly Bot because you can get it from here for free.

Well before giving the download link, I would like to describe a few positive points of my Adfly Bot 2016 and tell you what it is, How to use it, some Proofs that it works. This post is made to show you that bots like Adfly Bot, Shorte.st Bots, Clixsense Bots, etc. are really possible to make and can be downloaded for free if you find the right site.

This bot is created by me and I want to share it with you so that you all can earn some bucks through Adfly. BUT the question is.. Why I am giving it away for free?

The answer is as simple as the question is.. I am already done with this bot. I have made enough from it and now I am starting something new through which I can make a lot more than this.
In return, you can just share it with your friends. The more people find it, the more it will be good.

I have already earned around $1000 in a week using this Adfly Bot. This bot works great.

Okay, now without wasting much time, lets start with the main course! :)

What is Adfly Bot 2016?

Adfly Bot 2015 is a program created by me to get fake clicks to our Adfly Links and generate some real bucks.

It automatically opens your links and clicks the "Skip Ad" button after the 5 seconds and closes the window.
This procedure repeats and makes you a lot of money.
All you need is an Adfly Account with one link and you can start right away.

It also fools the Adfly's System and reduces the wait time from 5 seconds to 1-2 seconds. So, if you run this bot for a few hours, you can easily make some good income!

How Adfly Bot works?

Well, I coded it in C and Python and I can't tell you the exact working and How I made it. But let me tell you some basic things.

What it does is it automatically scrapes Premium and Private IPs from my server and opens the links in background and clicks them.

The waiting time is reduced with the help of some codes which attack the source code of the Adfly Page.

Well this is pretty basic and all you need to know is that this bot works for real.

How to use this Adfly Bot?

Its pretty easy to use the bot. It doesn't matter if you're good at computer or just a noob. I have designed it to meet the needs of beginners.

The UI is very simple and basic. You just have to enter your Adfly Shortened URL in the URL field and click the Start button.

The program will automatically do the work for you. It will start opening your links in the background with the help of Premium and Private Proxies and IPs scraped and start clicking.

You will be generating a good money without doing anything. You just have to run Adfly Bot and wait for it to fill your account with money!

Some Proofs of Adfly Bot!

Okay below are some proofs of the working of this bot.

Proof 1 of Adfly Bot
Proof 2 of Adfly Bot
Proof 3 of Adfly Bot
Proof 4 of Adfly Bot

These were some proofs of the Adfly Bot that I made. It works great and can be downloaded from below.

Adfly Bot 2016 Free Download

Alright, the wait is over. Now you can download the Adfly Bot from below. Just click the Download Button.
Hey, if you like it, don't forget to Share with your friends. As we know that Sharing is Caring! and also Sharing is Sexy.

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